Office buildings are one of the most versatile, frequently-used workspaces of all the commercial buildings available. Retail, consulting, legal work, bookkeeping, therapy, and much more is all done in the setting of an office space. The flexibility of an office is undeniable, and as an investment real estate company, St. Paul Commercial Real Estate is continually working to improve the office spaces and other buildings under our management. From industrial warehouses to multi-tenant buildings, St. Paul Commercial Real Estate offers high-quality properties and is expanding our available spaces with 2019 real estate development in St. Paul, MN.

Spanning across St. Paul, our commercial and industrial real estate properties offer a variety of options suitable for many different operations. Projected for completion in the fall of 2019, new buildings in the Centre Pointe Business Park in Mendota Heights, MN, will offer fresh, high-quality office spaces.

These new spaces are the most recent edition to a project that’s been under construction since 1996. Today, nine single-story office spaces make up 260,000 square feet, and the tenth and final space will increase that total to 290,000. Construction for the last office started this past spring.

The final office will be similar to the Centre Pointe Business Park offices already constructed. These spaces are available for lease through St. Paul Commercial Real Estate.

Offices Available

Offices range from approximately 5,000 square feet to approximately 12,000 square feet. All have easy access to major roads, including 35E, I-494, and Highway 10. As a professional office, the Centre Pointe spaces provide quality, versatile work spaces with in-office restrooms, kitchens, redundant fiber cable access, and entrances facing the parking lot. Parking itself is plentiful, and the local area has a range of amenities from nearby lunch spots to well-rated hotels. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is minutes away, and there are also many residential areas close by.

These office spaces are provided at affordable rates, and our property management services provide year-round maintenance just a phone call away.

If you are looking for the perfect office space in the Twin Cities area, the options available at the Centre Pointe Business Park are some of the best, most versatile interiors around. With excellent amenities, comprehensive property maintenance as courtesy of St. Paul Commercial Real Estate managers, and the perfect location for local or international business, these offices are a logical choice. With the 2019 commercial real estate development project adding another brand-new office space to the business park, the building might see a rising interest with competing office space renters.

Don’t wait to find your perfect workspace. Contact St. Paul Commercial Real Estate at (651) 405-1011 to learn more about the Centre Pointe Business Park and the related real estate development in St. Paul, MN, or to learn more about our other properties today.