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About St. Paul Commercial Real Estate

St. Paul Commercial Real Estate – Committed to Excellence for Over 25 years

Founded in 1989, St. Paul Commercial Real Estate is a full service firm that develops, invests in, and manages a portfolio of commercial real estate properties for private, long-term investment purposes. St. Paul Commercial Real Estate’s portfolio includes over a million square feet of properties in the Twin Cities.

Our Strategy Sets Us Apart

St. Paul Commercial Real Estate is committed to an investment strategy founded on three fundamental principles:

  • Maintain and expand our quality portfolio
  • Provide excellent service
  • Invest for the long-term

By following this approach for over 25 years, St. Paul Commercial Real Estate has developed an excellent reputation in the business community and established a strong financial position in the market.

Reliable, Responsive, Discreet Development & Investment

St. Paul Commercial Real Estate manages numerous multi-tenant properties. We value our tenants and demonstrate their importance to us by the high standard of service we provide. As a result, we’ve developed long-standing relationships with many of them and, over the years, have worked to help them expand, down-size, or redesign space to accommodate their changing needs and business cycles. Ultimately, we’ve grown as they have.

In addition to tenants, brokers and business people who are seeking a quick and reliable commitment know they can turn to St. Paul Commercial Real Estate.  We ensure a smooth, hassle-free and discreet transaction by offering in-house lease negotiation and preparation.

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