Anyone who has spent even part of a year in Minnesota knows how quickly the days of summer fly by in St. Paul. The warmer months in these parts are an invitation to enjoy the outdoors, but they are also a time to take a hard look at your property’s condition whether you own or lease commercial real estate in St. Paul.

St. Paul Commercial Real Estate knows it takes management and organization to stay on top of maintenance issues and keep a building in proper shape for customers, workers, or tenants—and summer is a great time to do so for Minnesotans.

For example, summer is the time to evaluate and maintain the building exteriors. Good property management means keeping an eye on the condition of the roof and staying ahead of potential leaks, which can lead to expensive damage and inconvenience. It’s also important to stay on top of problems with gutters and downspouts. It’s been a wet year already and with fall approaching in a matter of months, and inspecting gutters and downspouts is a good way to get ready for even more rain and stay ahead of possible drainage and mold issues.

Also, don’t undervalue a good exterior pressure washing. Removing dirt, dust, grime and insect nests is a good move before either patching holes or applying a new coat of paint to protect your property from some of Minnesota’s harshest elements come winter.

We care about maintaining our properties, providing quality service, and offering you more options. It’s why St. Paul Commercial Real Estate should be your first choice when it comes to seeking the finest commercial, industrial, warehouse, and real estate development options in the Twin Cities.

It pays to start your search for commercial real estate with the experts who know the market and your needs and who can offer you practical solutions. View St. Paul Commercial Real Estate’s diverse portfolio of properties available to buy or lease, or contact us directly at (651) 405-1011.