For most companies, from industrial to commercial, the office space is where all the planning, management, and foundational work take place. As boring a reputation as the office space gets in media and popular culture, those who work in offices know the importance of their job as a key component in the company’s operation. When it comes to choosing the right office space for your business, there are many details to consider. St. Paul Commercial Real Estate provides valuable assistance in finding the right office space for your company and high quality, reliable, long-term property management in St. Paul, MN.


From paperwork to customer service, the work that takes place in an office is critical for successful business management. Whether that business is a global freight shipper or a small-town retail outfit, the employees, customers, and business livelihood itself all rely on the work most often done at a desk.


Because offices play such a key role for so many businesses, it’s important that all employees in office-based positions have all the resources they need to work. With the help of St. Paul Commercial Real Estate, you can have the office of your dreams with happy employees, efficient performance, and the long-term property management we provide. While year-round property management is an excellent perk you get when you partner with us, we first want to make sure you get the office space you need to successfully run your business.


Quality Office Space

The needs of a company typically vary, but there are foundational values every office should have to support the quality of business, morale of employees, and satisfaction of customers.


  1. Inside: Every office needs a well-designed space for the number of desks, chairs, computers, printers, copy machines, phones, filing cabinets, and other components of a standard office. If the space is too small, your employees may find the cramped working situation to be a detriment to their health, happiness, and effectiveness as a worker. If the space is too large, you may find yourself paying for unnecessary square footage and losing workplace efficiency.
  2. Outside: The location of your office is also key to consider. Is your office easily accessible to employees, mail service, customers, and freight? Does the location make sense to the function of your business? Equally important is the cosmetic exterior of your building, especially if customers interact directly with you in your office.
  3. Optimal Extras: From break rooms to bathrooms, there are many parts of an office that are completely separate from the work aspect of your business, but just as necessary as the rest of it. Many of these optimal extras also go into helping your office meet OSHA and tax codes in addition to boosting employee morale.


If you are searching for the perfect office space, contact St. Paul Commercial Real Estate at (651) 405-1011 to learn more about what makes the best work space for your company and how we continue to support that space with long-term property management in St. Paul, MN.