When it comes to business location, in commercial real estate it pays to be close or, in many cases, just close enough to the action. St. Paul Commercial Real Estate and Management has done a lot of thinking over the past quarter century about this subject, and we’re ready to help you benefit from our expertise.

We believe in full service. It means we invest, develop, and even manage a number of commercial real estate properties for private, long-term investment purposes. We can offer you more than a million square feet of properties in the Twin Cities area.

Some of the properties controlled by St. Paul Commercial Real Estate and Management include attractive commercial and industrial locations in places like Blaine, Eagan, Little Canada, Mendota Heights, New Brighton, and of course, St. Paul.

We manage numerous multi-tenant properties with a philosophy that can be summed up with reliability, responsiveness, discreet development, and investment. What it means is we value our tenants and we prove it by offering a high standard of service.

Our commitment has helped us create long-standing relationships with many of our tenants and, over the years, we’ve been there to help them as things evolve. It could be they have a need to expand, down-size, or redesign their space to accommodate their changing needs and business cycles. Their success and growth have helped us grow as well.

We offer that same level of service to tenants, brokers, and businesspeople alike who are seeking a quick and reliable commitment. They know they can turn to St. Paul Commercial Real Estate for a smooth, hassle-free and discreet transaction. We can do this because we also offer in-house lease negotiation and preparation.

These are just some of the many reasons why St. Paul Commercial Real Estate and Management should be your first choice when it comes to seeking the finest commercial, industrial, warehouse, and real estate development options on the east side of the Twin Cities metro.

We are property management that puts you first. We invite you to view St. Paul Commercial Real Estate’s diverse portfolio of properties available for development, management, or to buy or lease. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at (651) 405-1011 today.